Man and nature

We have always believed that man’s needs can and should be in harmony with those of natureand the environmenthe inhabits; we believe civil societyshould do more than just exploit and abuse nature.

Life in harmony with nature, devotion to our work on the farm, knowledge of the traditions and appreciation of the labour that have been passed down by our ancestors, taking care to live a healthy life with a good diet and the right amount of time for reflection: these are the values which this family believes in and which it wants to pass on to their guests and anyone who wants to share this experience with them.

Farm visits and laboratory activities may take place of the course of half a day, a full day, or several days. For those visits that require a stay of multiple days, accommodation is guaranteed for groups of up to seven people. For larger groups, there are several suitable facilities very close by.


(+39) 349 52 45 022 (also reachable via Whatsapp)

A special kind of gift …treat someone to a new experience!

Man and Nature

The “Man and Nature” itinerary explores the land in its most holistic sense, from its ecosystems, rural society, and sustainabile practices, to the comparison between past and present. Several options are provided depending on the available time and the focus of the interested groups or classes…

Fruits of the Earth

The “Fruits of the Earth” itinerary explores the foods we grow at our farm and follows their entire production cycle up to their processing and consumption. This itinerary begins in a classroom with illustrative audiovisual panels, followed by a visit to the countryside and ending with the processing and preparation of the products…

The Farmer’s Craft

It is possible to organize apprenticeships at our farm at various times of the year. Apprentices can expect to learn about the most important stages of the cultivation of apple trees, saffron and homegrown vegetables…

Refreshments and degustation

Day visits include breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack; half-day visits include breakfast and optionally lunch upon request…

Get in touch with Marta

Marta Giampiccolo will be your guide to the farm, elucidating every stage of the work we do here and explaining the times and techniques necessary to get the best that nature has to offer. She will accompany you in search of wild herbs, and with the help of her mum Rita she will show you how to use them to flavour your cooking and take care of your physical wellbeing.


(+39) 349 52 45 022 (also reachable via Whatsapp)

Info and reservations

Do you want to experience the beauty of nature for yourself, or with your family and friends? Come and discover our saffron products and the crops from our vegetable garden and farm. Afterwards, we will show you flowers in a thousand colours and wild herbs which you may have never seen before, all of which grow plentifully in this uncontaminated part of Umbria.