There is a place in Umbria…

In Umbria, within the splendid In Umbria, within the splendid Valnerinaregion (between Terni and Norcia, a stone’s throw away from Spoleto), among the gardens and orchards, the meadows and the saffron fields… …come find us at Zafferano e dintorni, in a country that is still blooming and unspoiled, whose economy is still rooted in farming, livestock rearing, and the production of high-quality food products, like the Cascia saffron which our farm produces.

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At our guest farm, you can:
– stay the night in our cozy guest rooms,
– try our farm products and local specialities,
– buy our products straight from the farm,
– learn about and participate in environmentally friendly farming activities with Marta, for children and adults alike,
– rent e-bikesor mountain bikes and go cycling with Luca and Claudio,
– enjoy all kinds of outdoors activities

Would you like to visit Umbria?
For your holiday or weekend trip, choose Valnerina!

The Valnerina

The bubbling river Nera cuts straight through the Valnerina region, an ideal place for outdoors activities like exploring the mountains on footor by bicycle, a leisurely walk with the donkeys, or downhill rafting.

Besides the Sibylline Mountains and its many plateaus, most notably the Piano Grande near Castelluccio, the many mountains and vallies of the region form an organic frame around the river that runs through them.

Rich in history and stories, culture and architecture, tales of witches and dragons, rites and saints, the Valnerina is sprinkled with picturesque little villages and medieval castles as well as Romanesque Benedictine abbeys.

180 villages and four abbeys, each with their own distinct historical, cultural and architectural identity;

some sheltered up in the mountains and kissed by the sun, others seated cozily at the bottom of the valley, caressed by the river Nera.

Experience the magic of the Valnerina! Treat someone (or yourself) to a new experience…

Our Farm

Zafferano e dintorni is a very small farm, but very diversified in its products and activities. We grow and process apples, saffron, seasonal vegetables, and herbal remedies.

Gift packages

All of our products, from our saffronto our jams, can be ordered online and are available in gift packages which are made with care and can be combined with products from other farms in the area, making excellent giftsfor any occasion.

Heart and mind

The countryside and the surrounding mountains, the Nera river, the botanic garden and all the outdoor areas of our facility that are available to our guests are ideal for leisurely walks in close contact with nature and with oneself.

Guest farm

We provide our guests with a spacious single room, a room with a double bed and one with a twin bed, a camper van park and a tent camping, a dining hall, as well as various outdoor spaces and associated activities.

Educational farm

Martaoffers a wide range of programmes for different audiences, both to guests who stay the night at our farm and day visitors looking for a novel experience in contact with nature; discovering, imagining, tasting new things. A walk among the fairiesfor the youngest and a learningjourney for the older ones.

Walking and cycling

The Valnerina is the ideal place for all kinds of extreme outdoor sports, but also for guided tours, whether on foot or by bicycle (which you can rent or bring yourself); Lucaand Claudiowill accompany you on your journey to discover this stunning part of Umbria with its rich history and nature.

Our catalogue…

Buy online or contact us to order products from our farm.

  • Saffronin packages of various sizes
  • Delicious and unique saffron chocolates,
  • Saffron tea to lift your spirits,
  • Nutritious and refreshing syrupsmade from herbs like elder and lavender,
  • Marta’s perfumes made from lavender and other flowers,
  • Healthy jams, gelatines and preserves in various flavours,
  • Jerusalem artichokes, sliced up in extra-virgin olive oil or creamed,
  • Exquisite juicesmade with various fruits, such as fox grape (uva fragola),
  • and …if you want to grow your own saffron on a smaller or larger scale, we sell bulbsand provide advice on how to obtain this precious spice of nature.

Contact us

Do you want to come for a weekend or a longer holiday in Umbria to visit the Valnerina? Do you want to spend a day strolling through nature in search of wild herbs, or go for a cycling trip and afterwards enjoy a taster or a full lunch of our farm products, made with saffron and so much more… Rita, Claudio, Marta and Luca are ready to provide you with all the information you need!